Monday, December 28, 2009

A Powerful Example of Vision Mapping the Year Ahead

After my recent post sharing my Vision Map for 2009 and encouraging others to create a similar map for their own lives in 2010, I received a note from Michael Winks, a man in Casanova, Virginia, in which he shared with me the vision map and goals he had created for himself in 2010. I thought it such a deep and artful example of how powerful this process can be, that I asked his permission to share his work here on my blog. He graciously agreed (thanks Michael):

2010 Resolutions
Arising early to hike the peaks and meet God on the side of the mountain. The sunrise touching it once more for the first time.
Knowing the rush of taking turns knee-down on the sportbike.
Unleashing everything I have on an overhang rock-climbing route. 5.12
The sea rejects all shackles, but I will fight it, and it will embrace me. Two miles.
Sparring and training -- having my hand wraps cut because they fused together.
Holding the oiled walnut stock while releasing the slide catch of my rifle.
Studying men who have lived lives of faith, justice, honor.

I desire to hear that melody again. Once more hear and embrace the roar of noble things, of God, of beauty, of passion, of all that which is good. I desire to dance in its strength, to let its current sweep me, awaken my heart, and to make me new.

Makes us new. Bring us life. Great battles rage.

I'll add to Michael's great work here these three quotes, which I pray will provoke us all to dream again, in a way that is more risk-filled and true than we have dared before.

There is something in every one of you that waits and listens for the sound of the genuine in yourself. It is the only true guide you will ever have. And if you cannot hear it, you will all of your life spend your days on the ends of strings that somebody else pulls. ~ Howard Thurman
Tell me…do you not feel a spirit stirring within you that longs to know, to do, and to dare, to hold converse with the great world of thought, and hold before you some high and noble object to which the vigor of your mind and the strength of your arm may be given? Do you not have longings like these, which you breathe to no one, and which you feel must be heeded, or you will pass through life unsatisfied and regretful? I am sure you have them, and they will forever cling round your heart till you obey their mandate. They are the voices of that nature which God has given you, and which, when obeyed, will bless you and your fellow men. ~ James A. Garfield, in a letter to a friend
Let the wars begin, let my strength wear thin
Let my fingers crack, let my world fall apart
Train the monkeys on my back to fight
Let it start tonight 

~ Switchfoot, "Let Your Love Be Strong"

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Chrysler said...

So cool Michael Winks! I love this resolution; it means something special to me. I think I will write my own. You should so have your own blog.
I will refrain from pointing out the error.