Friday, November 13, 2009

What'cha Readin'?

My friend Don recently asked me what I've been reading lately...or more specifically "What's smacking you in the head and the heart?" I thought I'd share my reply:

Right now I'm reading Presence, a book about how profound change happens in people, organizations and nations. Absolutely fascinating stuff. That's where my faith is taking me a lot these days, gleaning/filtering deep learning & wisdom from sources many followers of Christ tend shy away from. I love it.

I also recently read Switch: How to Make Change Happen When Change is Hard, which is not actually out yet (I got an advance copy), and which was downright brilliant. I promised not to write anything about what's in it until Jan 2010, but I'm sure you're noticing the theme. :) I'm exploring the mechanics of life transformation in order to understand better and be more intentional about bringing it to people, both in- and outside the 4 walls of the church.

On a completely different note, I recently finished The Sparrow, a sci-fi novel, which was an absolutely stunning exploration of what happens when faith in God is tested to the extreme. The protagonist in the story is a Jesuit priest on a "first contact" mission to an alien world. I'm looking forward to reading book 2 in the series (Children of God) as soon as I'm done with Presence.

A few books I ended up skimming for their lackluster content: Wild Goose Chase (which is an okay book but is largely written to 20-somethings in the early stages of their journey. It wasn't challenging enough for me); and The Leadership Engine (which is a fine exploration of the "factory/assembly line" model of leadership development, but I believe that model is well on its way out, and being replaced by a "tribal" model).

What books have been "smacking you in the head and the heart lately?"

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Lisa said...

I just finished the ridiculously long Shantaram. It's a novel that is rumored to be autobiographical, though who can blame any memoirist for labeling his book a novel after the James Frey affair?

Shantaram is brutally violent, profane, hilarious, touching, and riveting for almost 1000 pages. I chew up books at a ridiculous rate, but this one kept me in its spell for almost three weeks. I couldn't wait to finish it; I hated for it to end.