Friday, August 21, 2009

Big Announcement: Novel #3 Will Be Blogged Live!

You heard right! I've decided to post the entire 3rd book of The Pearlsong Refounding on my Pearlsong blog, uploading a new entry week by week, as it is being written!

If you've read the first two installments--Gideon's Dawn, and Waymaker--then I know you're as anxious as I am to see the third and final book of the trilogy--The Word Within--completed and published. And I will certainly still publish the book, when it is complete.

But I've decided to take it one step farther, and actually publish the book online as it's being written as well. That way, anyone who doesn't want to wait for the 3rd book to be published in book form can read it on the web, right along with me as I create it.

Of course, this endeavor comes with a few warnings, and an invitation. First, the warnings:

  • Since the online version of the book is a work in progress, you read at your own risk! It's likely I will go back to sections I've posted and recraft them for various reasons. I may even delete or add new scenes altogether. Which leads me to this:
  • While the book will be mostly written chronologically, there will likely be times when I will post a scene that actually goes in an earlier part of the narrative. This sometimes happens when in later scenes I realize I need to tell more of the story leading up to it.
  • As the online version is a DRAFT, you can expect some crappy verbiage, ill-timed phrases, and misspelled words (maybe lots of misspelled words). So please, set your expectations accordingly. :)

Finally, an invitation:

  • Help me write it! When you read a section, leave a comment to let me know what you think. What do you like? What do you love? What doesn't make sense? What holes remain? What do want more of or less of from the characters? Any feedback at all is appreciated. I've been writing for years, and in this arena of life, I have a pretty thick skin. I welcome honest critique.

I will alert you every time a new installment has been uploaded if you follow me on Twitter. With each installment I'll also post a link to the novel blog on this blog, which you can have delivered to your email inbox (see the "Get my blog via email" box in the right column).

Thanks, all. You'll find the first installment of The Word Within by clicking here.

And so it begins...


Lisa said...

Doggone it, Michael! I'm going to have to give up on Kindle versions of the first two books and just pick them up in DTF, huh? (That's "dead tree form" for the non- Kindled among you.)

Guess a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do...

Sara said...

Brave man! Love it. This will be cool to see a work of art in progress. read books 1 and 2.

Anonymous said...

Michael, this is brilliant! How fun! I'm in the follow for sure!

Erika said...

It's a perfect idea - we can see the work in a continuous evolution!