Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Dumb Little Post About Stuff That Probably Wouldn't Interest You

Among the emails I receive each week, many include random questions about me and my background that I now realize are not available anywhere on the web. So, in an effort to bore you all to tears, here we go:

  • I am a published writer, a certified life coach, and work as the leadership development coach on staff at this church. (Yes, I'm still trying to figure out what I want to do when I grow up.)
  • I have published two fantasy novels, and I'm currently (very slowly) working on a third.
  • My Twitter name, Ajelwind, comes from one of the main characters in my novels, Ajel Windrunner.
  • I have also published two other non-fiction works.
  • I have created a life-purpose discovery course for women called The Destiny Project, which is now being taught by a terrific cadre of amazing certified facilitators all across the country.
  • I'm currently in the process of launching a men's version of the course called The BraveHeart Intensive.
  • I'm also working on the book version of The Destiny Project (thus, the slow writing...).
  • I used to be the managing editor of books for this publishing house.
  • I once took a year off to travel. I figured, why wait 'till I'm 65? One of the best decisions I ever made.
  • I currently live in Austin. I am a native Texan, but lived in Colorado for nearly 14 years.
  • I graduated from this University with a degree in Journalism. But I studied geophysics for four years before figuring out I wanted to be a writer.
  • My genius web designer is currently working on a stronger, better, faster website for michaelwarden.com. Stay tuned!
  • I am on Facebook and Twitter, and of course, I'll be your friend.
OK, your turn now. Tell us some stuff about you in the comments. All factoids welcome no matter how random. In fact, the more random , the better.


Anonymous said...

Geophysics...I had to look that one up. Very iiiinnnnteresssstiiinngggg! So a random fact about me is that I got to see a moon bow while standing on the edge of Victoria Falls on the Zimbabwe side. That and I just learned how to take the bus this year. Rule one is to stand up if the bus you want is coming because if you are sitting down the bus will not stop. Rule two is to sit down if the bus that is coming is not your bus because the bus will stop and you'll have to tell the driver that you do not need this bus. Who knew?

Michael D. Warden said...

@thecreatingspace, yeah, I'm all about the rocks, and the "magic" (aka "phsyics") that makes them work.

That's cool about the bus. I use to ride one to high school lugging a trombone with me every day. Geekdom at its finest.

[d] said...

@ajelwind- I dig the random factoids and here are a few of my own (since you asked)...

-I used to have hair to my shoulders.
-I was born near Chicago, have lived in TN, but call ATX home.
-I have an Associate in Arts for Music but never finished college (even though I attended four colleges).
-I have had gray hair in a random spot on my head since I was 18.
-I enjoy blogging and aspire to write.
-I once jumped a manual transmission mini-van over some railroad tracks while on lunch my Senior year in HS.
-I have leaned out of a moving vehicle to touch the side of a 53' semi while driving... just because.
-I love gadgets.
-I am an avid Xbox gamer.

Thanks for the post!



Michael D. Warden said...

Awesome Dave!

Your cool factoids reminded me of some other oddball happenings in my life. Here goes a few:

-- I once had orange hair in high school due to a horrible hair stylist's experiment.
-- I was once bitten by a water moccasin and nearly died.
-- I also once nearly drowned under the falls at the San Marcos restaurant "Peppers at the Falls" (don't know what it is called now).
-- I was the unwitting victim of a backroads car chase in Manchaca when a guy in a truck (with a rifle hanging in the back window) spun around and started chasing us after my "friend" threw a tennis ball at his truck as we drove past him. I eventually escaped by dashing into the garage of a random country home and slamming the garage door shut. Luckily the owners of the home were not there at the time.
-- I once had a mullet, with racing stripes on one side.
-- Despite my many brushes with death & injury, I've never broken a bone.

David said...

Nice, I've got a couple.

I once fractured a vertebrae falling out of a tree. I was a getting a toy out of the tree... I was 18 at the time.

I love fantasy/sci fi and I have read all the Wheel of Time books multiple times, more than six times at least. And I am EAGERLY waiting for Word Within.

I'm studying computer science at the University of Manitoba and I just created a chat application. I see this as one of the first steps (of many) towards world domination.

I have a dark side. Most people don't know this because I'm quiet and reclusive. It comes out or it gets suppressed... (I'm not sure which) when I listen to metal.

I never wanted a pony.

I love Christmas music. I look forward to Christmas all year round (except of course during Christmas time) because of Christmas music.

Michelle Brown said...

- When I was little, I was a fairly talented at picking the locks on certain doors.

- I was the mastermind behind raiding the SW Bell repair center dumpster so my brother could build a phone, which worked until our mom insisted we put it back where we found it.

- When I was about 12, my mom agreed to let me paint the door going from the garage into the house. It remained pink and yellow until I was in college.

- When I was 14, my mom let me rip up the carpet in our living room to reveal the hardwood floors. i did all the ripping, sanding and polishing by myself.

- During my senior year in high school I had a Duran Duran mullet. I wanted to dye the sides black but was forbidden to until after graduation. I accomplished the same look by daily applying mascara to the sides of my hair after I got to school.

- I have a BA in Sociology from UTA.

- I'm 12 hours shy of a second BA, through a "make your own degree" program, where I only lack the radio/TV production classes.

- I have worked in Christian TV since 1995.

- Once, when working the 5AM - 2PM shift, I was locked out of the building with a magnetic key that wouldn't work. A frustrated kick, delivered just so, shattered the door. Oops...

- I played with temporary tattoos for a year before deciding to get my first real one. A coworker, who is a mother of three, didn't believe it when I showed up with my first tat and insisted on doing the "lick and rub" test to prove that the cross on my ankle is, indeed, permanent.

- I once got bored with my hair and dyed it, then bleached it, then dyed it again in one night.

- I've been told I look like Judy Garland, Molly Ringwald and Melissa Gilbert.

- I'm about 130 pages into the fantasy novel I've been writing

Sara said...

Michael - Water moccasin and near-drowning story details please!

Michelle Brown - Your mom wins "coolest mom ever" award. May I foster creativity so creatively.

Random Factoids:

1. I love people watching. My favorite people watching has been in high-end shopping malls in Muslim countries. I love the juxtaposition of traditionally dressed beautiful Muslim women shopping for couture handbags. The experience makes me feel small and insignificant and I wish I was a writer or a photographer to capture these beautiful images to share with others.

2. Food moves me. I love to share life with people over food. I particularly like food that requires participation and sharing such as Cajun seafood boils, tapas, dim sum or Tex Mex appetizers and pitchers of sangria. Food is a key to cracking people open. Want to hear an interesting story from a person's life? Invite them to dinner.

3. My family was rather strict when it came to pop cultural influences. I call it the "void" in my life. The years between the 1920's and 1995 are missing. I know very little about any pop culture from this time period. I'm working very hard to catch up. I finally saw all of the Star Wars (the new ones were a waste!) and all of the Indiana Jones movies in the past few years. Now I'm working on the Karate Kid series.

Michael D. Warden said...

Great ones, Sara!

As for the snake and the drowning...neither were pretty. The snake happened when I was just 2 or 3, in my own backyard in east Texas. Turned out to be a baby snake, which are, as fate would have it, more poisonous. But I made it through, thanks to God.

The near-drowning was me being an idiot. I was with high school friends jumping into the base of the falls to get "shot" downstream by the flow, and I wondered why nobody was jumping to the whirlpool on the other side of the falls, so I took a running leap and found out the answer. The whirlpool nearly sucked me under the building (hard to describe, but the restaurant was built on pillars in the water, so the space under the building was all water, no air). Thankfully I found a way to scramble out of that one before my strength ran out. Duh...

Sara said...

Wow! After those experiences, I suppose we're all lucky to know you.

Kenny said...

I never had a mullet.

Jenifer said...

I know very little about any pop culture from this time period.

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