Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's 2009. Do You Know Where Your Soul Is?

A few days ago, Bono published the second installment of his opinion column for the NY Times. Got to say I love the voice of the man; and I don't just mean his singing (though I do love that too). You can't read Bono's writing without hearing the rough lilting cadence of his voice in your head...a sign of someone who knows what he has to offer, and doesn't waste his time or ours trying to offer something less or more than simply that.

This time he reflects on the significance of Easter at a time when the whole world is hungry for the chance to begin again.

Definitely worth a read. Click here.


Anonymous said...

Bono rocks, in more ways than one. He makes some awesome points here and, I confess, I love the power of his concluding statements. Investment, not alms. Justice, not charity.

Thanks for pointing us to this.

Michelle Brown said...

Bono is totally the man! I love his authenticity, and the world needs people who share his heart.