Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Just Found Out...I Was Almost Famous (Sort Of)

In the "curious but weird" department, I found out recently that I--or at least my name--was on the verge of fame a few years back, thanks to a CBS pilot called The Way, which never quite came to fruition. Here's a quote describing the drama (notice the Bold):

"In the spring of 2006, Jason Behr [that's him in the photo] wrapped the CBS dramatic pilot, The Way, about a powerful New England family that uses witchcraft to further its business enterprises. Jason plays Michael Warden, the show's male lead, one of the family's children who is at the center of a sibling power rivalry. Jason is in good company with fellow castmates who include, Jane Alexander, Julia Ormond, Peter Strauss, Will Patton, and Andrew McCarthy. As of May 17, 2006, CBS announced its fall lineup — and The Way was not picked up."

Ah, fickle Hollywood. My chance at the big time was lost before I even knew it! Truth is, I'm relieved. Witchcraft? C'mon, man. That would be like the Anti-Michael.

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Michelle Brown said...

Michael, I know someone who knows someone who knows a couple of VIP someones. I could drop 'em a line, plant an idea and BOOM your name has another chance for the Hollywood big time. ;-D