Monday, February 16, 2009

The Only Thing to Fear Is...

Came across Matthew Paul Turner's essay on Fear, which he read aloud recently at his church in Nashville. The video is only about 6 minutes long, and for anyone who's grown up in a strict religious household as I did, it's pretty funny. And pretty revealing.

I especially loved one thought Turner expressed in the reading: "When you live in fear, you stop dreaming."

How true. And it begs the question, which I invite you to think of as your question of the week:

Where is fear holding you back from dreaming?

There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear... -- 1 John 4:18a


Traylor Lovvorn said...

I finished Turner's book "Churched" week before last and very much related to his "Christian" upbringing. The small Baptist Church I attended growing up in rural East Alabama had fear down to a science. Every year they would have a youth lock-in and play the "Thief in the Night" movie series. It was amazing how many conversions there were at those lock-ins...young folks who did not want to face the guillotine or the anti-Christ.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how often fear is used as a motivator, or way to discourage behavior, when Jesus says, "Fear not..."

Anonymous said...

I loved this video! It is so true about what fear does to us. I laughed at several the paper towel "dilemma!" I've been there and done that and have recently been reconnecting with some relatives who got the brunt of some of my "dilemmas" and lived...thank God! lol

Sara said...

Yet another reason I love stopping by to visit here. Your thoughts are always the much-needed kick in the behind. What am I afraid of? When did I stop dreaming? Those are great questions. find the answers. Thanks!