Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Kiva and Nerdfighters

Okay I'm showing this video today for two reasons. First, it's a great explanation of how microfinancing organizations like Kiva.org work, which is awesome because I love Kiva and want everyone who reads this post to take 10 minutes today to go to Kiva.org, open an account and loan $25 to someone living in extreme poverty who's working their tail off to make a living for themselves.

10 minutes. 25 bucks. Change a life. How hard can that be?

But the second reason I'm showing this particular video is because it was created by John, of John and Hank on YouTube, also known as the Vlog Brothers. You want some funny in your life? Subscribe to the Vlog Brothers YouTube channel. Really. Every few days, you'll get a 3-minute shot of low-tech entertainment sent right to your virtual doorstep. Still not convinced? Okay. Lemme 'splain:

  • Hank and John are, in fact, brothers.
  • They live in different parts of the country
  • On a lark, a dare, I don't know what, they decided to stop all email or text communication between them, and instead create a video blog for each other every week, and upload it to YouTube.
  • They talk about all things important to nerds, such as which superpower would be the worst one to have, and whether Harry Potter's brain is a horcrux, but also things like Kiva, and other ways to reduce the overall level of "world suck."
  • They've been doing this for some time now, and have garnered a huge following.
  • They are nerds, proud to be nerds, and even better, they are smart, funny nerds.
  • You will like it.

And....you're welcome. Now, watch the video. Then go to Kiva. Then go see the Vlog Brothers.

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