Friday, January 16, 2009

What's Your Theme for 2009?

I meet this past week with my WayPoint Coaching tribe, and we explored together this powerful question:

What do you want the theme of your life to be in 2009?

We tend to forget sometimes that life is a story, and that each of us is writing an epic tale that we hope will be worthy of retelling once we're gone. Each year a new chapter, each day a new line. And that story--your story--has themes woven throughout its pages. Some of those themes may be there for just a season and then they're gone; others may be recurring. And there probably are a few themes that have guided a lot of the action in your life up 'till now. If you stop to think about it just a minute or two, I bet you could name several of the themes that have dominated your life. Some you may like a lot; a few you probably don't.

It's easy to believe that the themes that shape our lives are beyond our influence, but that's not really true. Though we can't always control our circumstances, we have an amazing amount of power to determine what the theme of our story will be regardless of what life throws our way. The important thing is to consciously choose what your theme will be. Don't let it happen by accident--really think about it, choose it, and set your heart on it. Then let that theme guide your choices for the year ahead.

The theme I've chosen for my life in 2009 is Dangerous Radical Free Flow. It comes in part from the feeling I've had riding Class V rapids (that's me in the photo with friends in Colorado)--totally free, surrendered to the current, going with it boldly and with abandon, holding nothing back, and laughing through the whole affair. What if my life could be like that in 2009? Now that's a story I want to live!

What about you? What do you want the theme of your life to be in 2009?

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