Friday, January 09, 2009

Poetry by Googlism

Here's another creative writing exercise I like. In this one you write a poem about a person, place or idea by typing it into the search line on, and then creating a poem out of the results. Here's a poem I wrote about Austin using this approach. I think it came out pretty cool, and uncannily accurate.


She is pure poetry and streams
converging in the center
batty, on fire
and pleased to welcome…
known as one of the best
on top of the high wonderland
she's going to lay the smack down on you
my town
sure to show you the best of what's around
a devil so
relatively young
a neverland sold on vengeance commercials
just one of many paradoxes
located on terraced bluffs overlooking the colorado
she's firmly in the game
culturally diverse
a happy survivor akin to Bugs Bunny or James Bond
She is born
for getting outside
under artistic direction
determined to make a difference
you have been warned

If you like, try making one for your city and putting it in the comments. It's actually pretty easy. All I did was type in "Austin," and all this great material spewed out.

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Michael D. Warden said...

from Erika (who mistakenly posted this on another entry's comments, but I thought it was too good to not share here):

St. Maries, ID

She’s now a named view worth preserving
one of those rare places
of natural wonders and beauty
She’ll hit you right between the eyes with it
where an artist’s palette comes to life
an outdoor lover’s paradise
a haven for trout fishermen
She beckons . . .
Enhances living even though time is limited
a state of mind when you woke up in the hospital this morning
kind of like riding along an empty wooded interstate
She’s about true grit
A small logging town
banked on the “Shadowy St. Joe”
booked on the red
told to keep out foreign policy
Home to transplanted, troublemaking wolves
where gypsy people meet
increasingly dominated by warm water species
beginning to draw fighters from a bunch of different kingdoms now
perfect for people seeking space and endless horizons
A land of contradictions