Monday, December 08, 2008

Wide Awake and Dreaming

God sang to me in a field
I came to myself, and stood
wide awake and dreaming
Half alive, in a hiding dream
his song revealed me
ripped the scab, exposed the blood
that stripped my feigned indifference.

God sang to me, and I came here,
I could do no other,
right here


I want a stroll at midnight,
hands held close, under the moon.
I want a love that laughs
at everything.
God sang to me in a field
His calloused hand, rough and wild,
shook me, eyes wide and hungry.
I want a slap on the shoulder,
a congratulatory grin
I want to get there
to really get there
A lingering sweet, a satisfied sigh
A love held so close
it hurts to be there.

Here. Come here.
Henini with me.
I am so tired of dreaming.

*Henini is an ancient Hebrew word that Abraham used in response when God called his name (Genesis 22:1). The text normally translates it as "Here I am," but the truer meaning is deeper and far more profound: "Right here, right"

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