Friday, December 12, 2008

A Pox on Koobface!

I've finally come out of the poisonous fog that is the Koobface virus. It hit my computer last Thursday, froze everything, blocked my internet, and began stretching its slimy tentacles into my harddrive, looking for place after place to implant itself. It's apparently a spyware virus of some sort, recording keystrokes and snatching key data, all to be sent back to the headquarters at Chaos, I suppose. But after 6 six days of battling the bug (with the help of my friends at That Computer Store), I finally beat it back.

But not without cost. I had to completely wipe my harddrive. All my files were saved, but all my programs were erased. I've spent all of yesterday rebuilding my computer, one installation at a time. At this moment, I'm typing from my newly recovered machine, and there's more than a little satisfaction in that.

Still, I know somewhere out there--perhaps even reading this because I'm sure he's googling "Koobface" to read about his stolen fame--there's a guy (or guys or gals, whatever) who thought it would be a cool idea to devise a program that hurts people. (This virus set me back six days of writing and about $500 in costs. Thousands of others have been hit as bad or worse.)

I imagine him, this guy. I picture him in my head. Then I picture myself decking him.

That part feels really good.

Then I pick him up and ask: Is this really the way you want to be spending your life? Is this really the legacy you want to leave in your wake? Surely you were made for better than this. Imagine what could happen if you turned your attention from making the world worse to making it better. You're clearly smart; you're clearly capable. Stop prostituting yourself to projects and people that are not worthy of your heart. God made you for a higher purpose, and right now, you're sleepwalking your way right passed it. WAKE UP!

Okay. I've said my peace. Now I'm going to go work on the book.

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