Thursday, December 04, 2008

Dangerous. Radical. Free.

Seth Godin's Tribes has got me thinking: Where is my tribe?

I know we're out there, dispersed among the masses. Standing out like suns, or targets, depending on who's looking our way. I wonder if it's time to bring us together.

Is this you?

* You are desperately & authentically in love with Jesus.
* You have gone "all in" with God--fully surrendered, fully engaged.
* You will not let him go. Period.
* You know Grace.
* You have experienced supernatural transformation.
* You have transcended all the petty and ridiculous lines of division in the Church.
* You hate religion--more specifically, the religious spirit.
* You befriend--and do life with--non Christ Followers.
* You know God has called you into a Larger Story, a bigger and much scarier life, and you have said yes.
* You will do anything he asks of you.
* You are committed to the dual ambition of ever-deepening intimacy with God and to the bold expansion of his Kingdom in the world.
* You know that this is war.
* You ache with the beauty & wonder & majesty of life...and see the glory & splendor God has woven into every human soul.
* You want to join with others who have crossed the line from "safe" Xtianity into the realm of the Dangerous, Radical Free.

If this is you, post a comment. Let us know you are out there. And forward this post to others you know for whom this description fits.

I think it's time our tribe convened. If you think so too, post a comment. Identify yourself. If I hear from enough of you, I'll make it happen.


Josh Tilton said...

Count me In!

Josh Tilton

Tales of the Vine said...

Michael - I am in. And the tribe is probably bigger than you think.

John A

Edie S said...

I'm crying as I read this post...because sometimes I feel so alone in this journey to live completely for my sweet dear Lord Jesus. Because I want to feel Him, know Him every second and yet I let the cheap things of this world pull me away. Because, like a little school girl, I have such a crush on Christ that it makes my heart burst and ache at the same time.

To share Him at this depth with others who get that seems like such a rare gift. If there are others, if we can fellowship in some way and help each other press on and in to the Father, what a treasure that would be.

deepwaterscoach said...

Shyah! As if you needed to ask ;-)
Funny, was just pondering today how to help my kids understand that they, too, are part of a Bigger Story...

Gary Waldron said...

You expressed the longing of my me connected to people like that!

Kristina B said...

Bring in on!
What a breath of fresh air when seemingly surrounded by the safe, stuck status-quo.
Dangerous. Radical. Free. INDEED!
Share the adventure...


Gandalf said...

You have my Glamdring sword.


Paige Turner (a.k.a. JK) said...

count me in!!!

Nate said...

On my best days, for a moment, these things are true of me. But one day I long to live with the Pearl on the end of my Staff!

Anonymous said...

Count me in! I'm speechless :)

Anonymous said...

"In my anguish I cried to the Lord, and he answered by setting me free." (Ps 118)

What a wondrous Lord we have who wants to walk this freedom journey with us. Set us free, dear Jesus!

-Shaylor B
Okinawa, Japan

JC Dude said...

Michael...I'm with ya. I am blessed to have several close "tribe" members that I can count on.


Ange said...

In. I've always wanted to be part of a tribe.

Kathy Butryn said...

Yes! I'm in!

Jenn said...

with you!

Sara said...

Just yesterday, the story of when God revealed to Elijah that there were yet 7000 who hadn't bowed the knee was weighing heavily on my heart...And then I read this post. So encouraging! I'm convinced God is bringing His people together even now.

Lysa said...

thanks for the inspiration... and the reminder that this is the invitation Christ offered me a long time ago... and i accepted. i've tasted dangerous, radical and free... but i let a broken heart lead me back to the safe predictable places.

no more... i long to be in this tribe... HIS tribe... freely and fully immersed.

Diane said...

I'm in. Got kicked out of conventional circles. Ousted by the Holy Spirit. Driven into the tribe of exiles. Only to discover the name of the tribe is freedom. Count me in, this exile turned tribe member.

Liz said...

I'm in!!!

Mike Youngquist said...

I am sooooo ready to take it to he next level. Bring it on, brother!

Mike Youngquist

Anonymous said...

I'll follow you, Chief.

I raise my glass to the dangerous, radical free.

Erika said...

Micahel--I am in. Thanks for putting into words what so many of us are feeling on the inside. Erika

Michael D. Warden said...

Hey ALL,

The Dangerous Radical Free Community Site is now LIVE. come join us!