Thursday, November 13, 2008


Met with the WayPoint* tribe yesterday. We've really got something there. Something good and pure, and very rare. If I had to name it in a word, I'd call it Grace. Not grace as in "graceful" but the more dangerous kind. Holy Grace, God-breathed and sustained, that changes people from the inside out, and frees them to love. U2 has a song that names it and describes it well; it's one of my favs.

We're in the middle of a conversation about our shared values...the core practices and perspectives that make us come alive as a tribe and energize us to shared action and growth. Even as we talked, I could feel the ache in their souls lingering in the air--the longing to have it be real and lasting, to come to true unity under Christ, to find "home" in our midst. We all want to make a difference, and we know the only way to do that in real power and real truth is to become the difference we want to make. If freedom is what we want to give away, then we must be free...together, with each other.

It's a bold, courageous and willing group. For that reason, I'm happy to say we're well on our way.

*WayPoint Coaching Community is a nonprofit Christ-centered community for professional, certified coaches and spiritual directors. We're small, but growing, and we're out to make a huge impact on the Church.

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