Saturday, November 15, 2008

How to Make an Author's Day...

...It's easy--write him encouraging notes like these:

From Randy: So there I was a few years back walking through a Christian bookstore when I stumble on this book called Gideon's Dawn. I read the back cover and was immediately captivated and had to have it. I read it (probably about 3 or 4 times now) and was so excited to have found a book that captures all the elements of GREAT storytelling. Not only did this have a powerful Christian message but it also wraps you up in a story that keeps you on the edge of your seat all the way through!!! By the time I was done reading it the first time I took a look on the internet and saw that the next book, Waymaker, was coming out shortly and I ordered it only to get the news that it wouldn't be coming out quite yet. I followed the update on Michael's website as so many other fans have anxiously waiting for any piece of news that would come along. Well it has been a long journey for everyone who read the first book and when I saw that Waymaker had been released I snatched it up instantly!!! Since then I have been reading it at every moment I could (even sacrificing my sleep to find out what happens on the next page!). And having just finished this book he other day I have to say the wait was so worth it!!! Michael Warden is an incredible author with an amazing story to tell!. I would recommend these books to anyone and am looking forward to next spring and the conclusion of this trilogy with The Word Within. Thanks Michael for never giving up and sticking with your convictions because I know that you have many fans out there, myself included, who love your work and we appreciate all you have done in writing these stories. Thanks again and I am counting down the days to next Spring!!! God Bless!!!

From Ashley: Michael, I finished Waymaker! Just wanted to shoot you off a message and thank you. Thanks for seeing the story through, for not giving up on publishing it, and for sharing your talent with the world. Waymaker lived up to all my expectations :) I can't wait to read the final Pearlsong Refounding novel. God bless!

Thanks, guys. It means more than you know.

And to the rest of you--thanks to you as well, for sticking with me. And please, if you can, post a review of Gideon's Dawn or Waymaker on your personal blog and on Word of mouth is the best tool we've got!

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