Monday, November 03, 2008

The Discipline of Joy

I've been thinking lately about why some people have joy, and others don't.

What if joy was not some kind of cosmic fairy dust that falls on some and blows past others? What if it's not like rain--as in either it's raining or it isn't and if it isn't there's pretty much nothing you can do about it ('cept maybe do a rain dance)? What if joy isn't something that happens to you at all?

What if joy is a skill--like dancing or running marathons--that you either develop or you don't? What if the level of joy you're experiencing right at this moment in your life has absolutely nothing to do with your circumstances and absolutely everything to do with whether or not at some point in the past you committed to make joy a core practice of your life?

What if a life of joy is actually available to all who will choose it--including you.

What if you chose it right now?

Just something to put in your pipe.

"Consider it pure joy..." (James 1:1)

1 comment:

kari said...

i think there is no "what if" in this context. joy is different from happiness, it's outside of circumstance. i think you hit it.