Friday, October 17, 2008

WayPoint Summit 2008

Here are a few shots of the recent WayPoint Coaching Community Summit held in Breckenridge, Colorado earlier this month. It was such a powerful time--great people, great fun, lots of transformational moments for each of us. We each came away changed for the better, which is, I think, the best outcome you can hope for.

In case you're wondering, WayPoint Coaching Community is a professional networking organization for certified Christian coaches & spiritual directors. We've only been in existence officially for a few years, and are intentionally keeping a low profile in the world for now. As we are a deeply relational network, we're opting to grow slowly or, as we like to put it, "at the pace of relationship." Though small, our goal is big and bold: Bringing Coaches Together Under Christ to Change the World!

Thanks, WayPos! And mostly, thanks to God, who is leading the way for us all!

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