Monday, September 08, 2008

The Reviews Are Coming In!

Hey everyone--I'm back from the "wilds," and I have a lot to share about that (hint: totally unexpected and utterly cool!), but I wanted to quickly let you know about about a few reviews of Waymaker that have come in. The first is from my friend and fellow author Eric Wilson, creator of the Jerusalem Undead series! The word is getting out!

Words Brought to Life!

8 Sep 2008

Years ago, Michael Warden put out a deeply realized fantasy novel called Gideon's Dawn. His characters were flawed and believable, making it a memorable beginning to what readers hoped would be a great trilogy. Then, due to publishing snags, the second book never came.

Now, at last, Waymaker is available to all, and I was first in line to buy a copy. With the detailed glossary in the back, I was able to jump back into Warden's world without too much trouble. The story kicks off with a fantastic battle at sea, then draws us along with the Waymaker, Gideon Dawning, and his ragtag crew, as they make their way on an epic journey while opposed by nearly all they come across.

There are scenes in this book that you'll never forget, great fights and sorcery, and the ultimate power of the Words. The layers are multiple, with Hebrew and Latin phrases worked into a biblically true yet never overt theme. Despite a few minor spelling and editing errors, this is a fantastic book and the cover and layout look great! I cannot wait for the third in the series, and I'm thrilled to see Warden's Words being brought to life.

--Eric Wilson author of Expiration Date and Field of

Thanks Eric! And thanks to all you readers out there. More reviews to follow--and please, keep spreading the Word!


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kari said...

i adore fantasy, especially with a theological bent a la cs lewis, orson scott card, l'egle, etc.

consider sending me a free copy for which i will give you my eternal thanks