Friday, August 15, 2008

A Thread of Gratitude!

OK, this has already made this a great day...

So last night I'm perusing my buddy (and fellow author) Eric Wilson's website, you know just to see what the latest is in his world (and there's some exciting stuff; you should check it out...and if you haven't read Eric's books, you should definitely check them out too). Anyway, I find this video interview of Eric that he did for Deeper Living, and I watched it. Cool.

So then, not two minutes after I finished watching it, Eric sends me an email. No joke! He says he's reading Waymaker and loving it, and just wanted to tell me he's excited about the story already, though he's just a few pages in. So that was cool, and I write back and thank him, and encourage him to spread the word, since word of mouth is the best marketing tool I've got going.

But then this morning I get to my computer and see that Eric has written back again, and pointed me to his friend Ted Dekker's site (Ted's another author you should check out), where there is a discussion board thread talking about my books. Click here to read it for yourself! It's been just a few weeks since Waymaker came out, and even though I have a very limited ability to "inform the masses" about my books, word is beginning to get out there. This made my day! Hoo-Yah!

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Again617 said...

So... what's the release date for The Word Within?

Thank-you for writing The Waymaker. I very thoroughly enjoyed it. It finally arrived today and I'm done it now. I intend to go through it again at a bit of a slower pace to enjoy it.