Sunday, August 24, 2008

Into the Wilds

In a few days I'll be heading out on my annual wilderness adventure over the Labor Day holiday. I've been doing this for several years now with a group of men I've known for even longer, and though in many cases we don't communicate much throughout the rest of the year, this annual pilgrimage to the wilds never fails to deliver a time of genuine friendship that only a shared adventure of this sort can foster in a man's heart.

We go someplace different every year--so long as it's wild and beautiful and away from the regular routine of western life. This year we're headed into the Cabinet Wilderness in Montana. Aside from maps and ariel photos on Google, I've never even seen it. And that, for me, makes it all the more appealing.

This year, especially, I'm ready for a break. No, scratch that. I need a break. Close to two weeks of no computers, no cell phones, no appointments...just a chance to remember what the world free of technology sounds like, to see stars that aren't competing with city lights for dominance in the sky. And to re-imagine myself painted into the canvas of the art of God's creation.

The blog will be quiet for a few weeks. Just wanted to let you know...

Take care of yourself--

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Diane said...

Michael, You take care of yourself too. No extreme sports, only extreme faith.