Friday, July 25, 2008

Powerful Question of the Month

What would you do
if you knew
you couldn't fail?

Take some time this month to journal your honest response to this question. If you'd like to post your thoughts, you may do so here. Just click the "comment" link below.

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jessie lee said...

If I knew that I couldn't fail I think that I would be much more adventerous. I'd try more things. I know that Christ never sees me as a failure, and that a "failure" is really just one more step to finding what works. But still, I like to find what works on the 1st try- which tends to keep me in the shallow end of life at times.
If I knew I oouldn't fail I think I would apply to be a congressional press secretary. I think I would be good at the job, and I would be more confident about sending my manuscript to publishers.