Saturday, July 19, 2008

Moving Toward the Pain

What is it to "take possession" of the territory you believe God has given you? It may be in the realm of finances, in the realm of relationships, in the realm of career, health & fitness, even fun & recreation. There's a "promised land" laid out for each of us...a "far, green country" that we see with the eyes of our inmost being, and that, if we lived there, we know beyond any doubt that we would be free, and in our freedom set others free as well.

Let me offer one perspective on what it is to "take possession" of that territory that is our inheritance from God. My hope is this may explain why the journey to experiencing the LIFE God intends for you is so often fraught with set backs and struggle:

Taking possession is war. It's no simple matter of "name it & claim it"; I'm fighting for every new inch of ground. And every inch offers resistance. Friction. Pain.

It hurts to reclaim what is yours by right.

Here's a shocker in the Land of Reality: You can't advance the Kingdom, you can't gain new ground, from the familiarity of a comfort zone. And (who would have thought it?) the territory outside of a comfort zone is actually uncomfortable. Even painful at times. It hurts...often.

And there's resistance. There's a Resistor.

To take possession, you must go toward the pain--shrewdly, but resolved, and with all your courage. Freedom awaits you on the other side.

For real. No kidding.

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