Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Are You Living a Story Worth Telling?

Donald Miller delivered a talk on "Story" at Mars Hill in Seattle recently that utterly blew me away. His insight into what it takes to live a truly meaningful life...by crafting your life according to the elements essential to a really good story...are nothing short of genius.

What is the "story" you are writing with your life? Is it a good story? You want to find out? Listen to this--you won't regret it (appox. 1 hr):


E. Harrison Trent said...
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E. Harrison Trent said...

Hey Michael, I listened to Don's message, and really enjoyed it! Thanks so much for making it available. BTW, I saw Iron Man the movie last night and it was fantastic! It had quite a few of the Story elements. Thanks again!


Eric said...

Michael -
Long time no talk. I heard Don give this talk at the RightNow conference in Dallas last October. It was powerful and insightful in the midst of its subtle simplicity.