Monday, March 24, 2008

And the Winner is...!

OK, is this an awesome cover or WHAT? I am so stoked! Just had to show this off, and to offer a massive thank you to Josh Tilton who has successfully blown my socks off yet again! Josh, I'm forever in your debt.

Thanks to all you, too, for posting your vote on which cover you liked best. This one was the clear winner from that straw poll, and I couldn't be happier with it. Incredible.

Just a few quick updates on the book process (want to make sure you all stay in the loop!):

--Kristin has completed the first round of typesetting for Gideon's Dawn. I'll be sending it back to her for minor changes this week.

--The "innards" of The Transformed Heart is ready for the printer! Kim will be finishing up the cover soon. This will be the first book released by Ascent Books & Media! Shazaam!

--Kim is also working on the cover for Alone With God.

--The edit of Waymaker is nearly complete, and will be heading to Kristin this week for typesetting.

And as soon as these books are safely in the pipeline, I can finally dive in headlong to writing the final book in the Pearlsong trilogy, The Word Within.

Thanks everyone!


Josh Tilton said...

Thanks again Michael! The pleasure is all mine!

Anonymous said...

Can you give us an update on the new Pearlsong website?

Josh Tilton said...

The website is under development right now. We were experiencing some issues with the host. Those issues are now resolved and development will continue.