Friday, February 15, 2008

Where did I go?

So "anon" put a comment on my last entry that asks, "Where did you go?" And I think first of all it's cool for someone to ask and second of all that it deserves an answer (which I posted in reply to anon's comment too), so here it is:

Mostly, I got the flu, two weeks ago. Completely laid me out flat. Did nothing but sleep and occasionally stumble to the kitchen for whatever sustenance I could find. That lasted about a week. But then, just as I was coming out of that, some wild stuff happened in my coaching work life that has swept me up in its wake the last several days. It's like I'm suddenly making sweeping changes in the way I do business, and I wasn't expecting it at all, but it feels totally right to do it at the same time. Weird. I think maybe recent circumstances pushed me to "untether myself" (see previous entry, which is just this phrase, along with "don't hold back" that God's Spirit has been mysteriously bringing across my path almost daily for the past several weeks) and I've been spending the last week trying to find the wind.

The sails are just starting to billow a bit now. I feel like I'm coming back, but the course isn't solid quite yet. Still adjusting the sails, trying to find just the right heading. Thanks for checking on me, anon! that's cool.

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Anonymous said...

It is interesting that you said what you did...I have been praying for you to have courage - I didn't understand why you would need courage, you seem like a pretty brave/adventurous man to begin frontiers to explore and conquer...that's exciting! Don't forget to share the adventure! God Bless you.
-Hidden Gem