Thursday, February 07, 2008

Novel Update...a New Hero...No, THREE!

OK, new developments, my peeps. And these are splendiforous.

Number 1...I am no longer typesetting Gideon's Dawn & Waymaker myself. Why? Because of Number 2.

Number 2...I have gotten for my own bad self a bonafide investor. Their names are Stephanie and David Meadows, and I've known them all my life. Well, Stephanie I've known all my life; David came into the picture a tad later. They are sister and B.I.L. (brother in law), respectively. And they have graciously and magnanimously offered to fund the typesetting, with a professional, highly recommended typesetter, who is of course Number 3.

Number 3...Enter Kristin. She's a new hero in this cadre of excellence not only because she is skilled, but because she had offered me a nice discount off her regular (and very appropriate) rate, because she knows the story of how it all came to this, and has graciously thrown her talents into the ring.

Sweet, huh? I'll say.

So now, I get to turn my attention to the thing only I can do--write Book 3! Awesome. Of course, there are still some logistics to deal with...prepping the manuscript for Kristin...getting the proofreading and editing changes made, etc. But I know that turf; I've lived that turf.

So thanks Steph, David, Kristin, and the rest of the superfriends. I am humbled and grateful to have you in my court!


lyricalico said...

happy for you

Anonymous said...

thanks for keeping your promise and finding Steph, David,and Kristin, to help publish your books i cant wait so thanks again