Thursday, January 24, 2008

Novel update...the latest

OK...been in the thick of it with this thing, so sorry for the delay in updating. Here's the latest:

The Pearlsong Refounding website is designed (thanks Josh), and it looks stunning! Amazing! Ultra cool! (am I overselling it?). Well, I think so...and I bet you will too.

The book cover design for Gideon's Dawn (which will set the style for the latter two books) is well under way. It too, is a show stopper. (Again, thanks Josh!)

The search for a typesetter has brought me full circle. I've actually had a number of folks offer to help, but each of them are really in the same boat I am experience-wise. I know what needs to be done in a typesetting process; it's just the software that presents a problem. I even had a few professional typesetters offer me a discounted rate (thanks!), but unfortunately, the price is just still beyond my current capacity to pay. So, with some prodding from Josh (thanks yet again, Josh), I earnestly explored whether I could do the typesetting myself. And the answer is, I think, YES! I've got a learning curve to go through, but I think I made actually be able to swing it myself (he says hopefully).

It's important to me that the interior of the book match in quality the amazing job Josh is doing on the covers. So I will do this typesetting thing with the caveat that if I'm not satisfied with the quality of my work, I will stop and find another way. But for now, it's a go.

The typesetting will take several weeks (I know, bummer), but hey, we're talking about close to 1,000 pages here (between Gideon's Dawn and Waymaker) please pray I'll find my groove and whiz through it like a banshee in a hurricane...or something.

Thanks, too, to Marcy in Virginia, who's done a smashing job of compiling potential publicity opportunities for the books via the web. That's a terrific help!

More news as it comes in...thanks so much for your ongoing prayers and support, everyone!


David said...

Well, I'm happy that things are coming together. Actually quite ecstatic.

Are you planning to release the book in ebook format?

Michael D. Warden said...

Hey David,


I will look into the ebook format more in the coming weeks. I originally thought these books were too large and ungainly to be downloaded in an ebook form, but I've now seen other examples of books nearly as large being offered that way. So maybe it's doable. I'll post on the blog any developments in that arena.


Anonymous said...

Where can we find the Pearlsong Refounding wesite?

Michael D. Warden said...

Hey Anon,

THanks for asking! The pearlsong site is actually not live yet. It's being created by one of my novel heroes, Josh Tilton ( He's doing a great job, and we should have it up right about the time the books come out.