Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Huge! Ridiculous! Outlandish Request!

With the help of many angels and heroes, we're well on our way to getting Gideon's Dawn and Waymaker published. The books are being edited as we speak, the book covers are being designed, and the website for the book series is being created. Wow! I simply couldn't have gotten this far without the help of terrific people out there who support Gideon's Dawn and want to see these books succeed.

But we are facing a major hurdle; really, it's the last one (I think) that's holding us back from going to print--typesetting. So here's my bold request:

I need a skilled typesetter (who owns QuarkXpress or Adobe InDesign) who might be willing to offer their services as a gift, or at a mongo discount, to typeset the interior of Gideon's Dawn and Waymaker.

It's a big request, I know. I'm nuts even for asking. But there it is. Here's your chance to join the team that's helping to bring Gideon's Dawn and the Pearlsong Refounding into the world.

Are you out there? If you are, please contact me. Thanks!


Tammy said...

This is definitely beyond me, but I will send out a prayer that someone will come along.

Michael D. Warden said...

Thanks Tammy! That's actually a huge help!