Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Just read this acronym for "denial" in Experience Life Magazine:

"Don't Even Notice I Am Lying"

Self deception is a slippery devil, isn't it? It's sort of like having food in your teeth--especially dark green food like spinach or broccoli--everyone can see it plainly but you.

So to help you wake up to your own denial (yes, yes, no need to thank me...I've got no denial issues myself of course...ahem), here are some powerful questions that I challenge you to really take some time to think about and answer honestly (even if it's just to yourself and God):
  • What are you tolerating?
  • What are you afraid to reveal?
  • Where are you selling yourself short?
  • Where are you incomplete?
  • How have you withheld yourself from life?
  • Where are you too comfortable?
  • What is the lie that tends to run the show?
  • Where have you lost heart?
  • Where are you unwilling to change?
Time to fess up. Get honest. Stop pretending. This is, after all, the only life you get.

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