Friday, January 11, 2008

Any Day With Jesus

I wrote this on my schedule for today, across the top:

"Any day with Jesus is an amazing, good day!"

It flowed from my pen before I noticed it, and then looked up at me, grinning, as if in gentle rebuke. Just a moment before, I had scanned my schedule for the day and thought (in fact, mumbled out loud), "This doesn't look like a very fun day..."

But if it is with Jesus--and I mean with him in the most active, intimate, collaborative way, with our hands in the thick of it together, arm in arm, co-laboring as intimate allies in whatever good work his heart leads us to--then it will be, without question, a spectacular day. Miraculous, in fact. And it doesn't matter what we do, so long as it is what he is also doing (John 5:19). For when I get caught up in things that are not LIFE, that are not in alignment with where he is and what he is doing, though he remains with me in those activities, we are apart...with him standing off to the side, waiting and watching for me to drop whatever "make it happen" control freak thing I am doing and re-engage with us.

So it is not "what do I have to get done today?" But rather, in wonder and awe, it's more like this: "Jesus, what are you doing today?" We are dancing and he is the lead. We are building and he is the chief carpenter. We are playing and he creates the game.

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Cheryl said...

Great reminder...I know what you mean. An article I read recently suggested focusing on one quality of God every day, before even one foot was out of the bed. So if I was freaking out about my schedule, or not looking forward to something, or worrying about someone, each time my response would be: "God is all-powerful" or whatever the "quality" is for that day. I added something to that - the next question was "so what?" If he is "this", what does that mean when applied to this situation?
It's been really helpful for me especially on days when my schedule doesn't look "fun".