Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Aligning Your Prayers with the Season

Got "hit" by this verse today in my morning time with God:

"Ask for rain from the Lord in the season of Spring rains..." (Zechariah 10:1)

In other words, bring your prayers into alignment with the season of life you are in. What good does it really do to ask for snow in the heat of the summer months? You're out of sync with the season. Or (to bring it down to a human level), what good is it really to ask God for fame in a season when he is clearly teaching you humility and selfless service to others?

The verse reminds me of how important it is to "read" the times of your life, to recognize and name the season God has you in now, and to consciously pray in cooperation with his Spirit's work in you. Watch for the signs, notice the themes that keep showing up, regularly take a look at your life from 10,000 feet up:

  • What is the season God has you in right now? Is it Summer, Winter, Spring or Autumn?
  • What is the landscape he is leading you through? Is it a desert, a fertile valley, a land of springs, or a mountain height?

There are seasons and lands in which certain prayers have more power than at other times. If it is a season of winter (of hiddenness, where little life is evident on the surface of things), rather than offer prayers of resistance (i.e. "get me out of here! bring on the summer sun!), why not pray in alignment with the times (such as, God, show me the beauty of winter; deepen the "roots" of my life in faith and trust; show me the secrets of hidden places)?

One vital caveat here: I'm not talking about praying in alignment with a season that God has not led you to. Not everything that happens is from God's hand, nor is every "season" we encounter God's will for us. Be discerning. I'm talking only about the season that is God-ordained--where he has brought you.

How about you? What season has God brought you to--and how can you begin to pray in alignment with God's work within this season?

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Cheryl said...

During this last day of 2007, I too was impressed to look at being within the season I'm in. Being. Resting. Waiting. Trusting. I've always said life is a journey, but am I so busy looking at the road I want to be on that I forget to look at the road I AM on? I may not have the answers as to why certain things have happened, or have not happened. But God keeps on saying one thing to me - "Either you trust me or you don't. Which is it? I've allowed you to be where you are. Focus on me, focus on who I AM."
It's clearer all the time that his work in me is to make me more like him. This part of the journey is also about learning to rest in the season that he's allowed me to be in, resting in him, and paying attention to the work that he's attempting to do in me, if I only let him. I need to step aside and take my hands off my life. He is able beyond all that we can possibly hope or dream. Am I living like I believe that???