Friday, November 02, 2007

What Is Your True Name?

In The Destiny Project, one of the most powerful things we do is embark on a soul-exploration to the deep core of who each person is and from that place create an Identity Statement...our "true name," if you will, a name that reflects God's original, unique design for each person, and goes far deeper than the name bestowed on us by our parents. This clip from NOOMA (that I came across just today!) reflects the power of this I just wanted to share it with you:

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crstodd said...

Very cool. Lots to think about...maybe the journey of knowing who you really are can only start once you stop comparing yourself to others. Once you stop taking others' stories of who you are as your story. Once you take the time to find out first and foremost, what God's story is about you. And then, taking the time to listen to him, every day, to his special vision of the new part of you he'll enable you to discover today. He is our author, but are we listening?