Saturday, October 06, 2007

Keep Those Cards & Letters Coming!

Attention, literary agents, editors & publishers out there...who wonder if the The Pearlsong Refounding is a "dead" project...or worry that no one would buy it...or question whether it's been too long (or not long enough) since Gideon's Dawn was published: Here are some recent (last few weeks) emails of what readers are saying (still!) about the project:

I wanted to take a moment to encourage you on your issues in finding a publisher. Please don't give up the search! My son and I so enjoyed the first book and have waited years for the second and will of course be wanting the third one very soon. You have been given an incredible talent for writing from our wonderful Creator. I can't imagine some publishing house would not want to see your trilogy on the market. Your first book is one I will never get rid of and hope someday to have the complete trilogy. May God bless you on this journey and open doors you never dreamed would be opened. -- Melinda

Michael keep the dream of waymaker alive. I'm re readind Gideons Dawn for the 3rd 4th 5th time. And I'm still amazed by the storytelling ability. Especially when there is so much tripe in Christian Fiction that gets published. Looking forward to the day when I get to read the 2nd & 3rd books and then all 3 in a row. Not every book gets a 2nd & 3rd read. -- Liana

I just finished your book, Gideon's Dawn, and I am dying to continue the story! It was excellent! I was captivated the whole time. I almost felt like I was part of the story... :) Just to let you know, I'd buy a copy of The Waymaker for $25, let alone the $18 you mentioned as being expensive in your blog. Is there ANY way I can get a copy of The Waymaker sometime in the near future? I really hope you find someone who can help you publish your books. The trilogy would be amazing! I love books like this. I'd compare this to the Lord of the Rings any day. This trilogy would really be hit. I don't care if it went out of print already or not... I can just tell you that there are tons of people who would love to continue reading these books. -- Brendon

Thanks you guys! Your encouragment really helps keep me "pressing in" to find an agent & publisher willing to believe in this project. Speaking of...the project (i.e. The Pearlsong Refounding Trilogy) is currently in the hands of an excellent agent who comes highly, highly recommended by several author friends of mine. She's considering taking me on. Please pray that she will! She would be a terrific partner, both for me and for getting these books out to the marketplace.

Thanks again for your continued encouragment. It really means a lot!

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