Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Join Me in Fighting Extreme Poverty

Over a year ago, I signed the ONE Declaration committing myself to help fight the emergency of global AIDS and extreme poverty.

A lot has been accomplished by One.org since that time (the latest being the recent "fast" that led to dozens of U.S. representatives and senators becoming co-sponsors of the Jubilee bill, an act based on the biblical principle of declaring a year of jubilee (forgiveness of debts) to the poor.)

I'd like you to consider adding your voice to this effort. The best and simplest way to do that is to sign the One Declaration. You can find it by visiting: http://www.one.org/declare/

ONE is a new effort by Americans to rally Americans - one by one. So far, over two million have signed the declaration in support of a historic pact for compassion and justice to help the poorest people of the world. Together as ONE we can make a difference! Thanks!

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