Thursday, October 11, 2007

Coaching at the Beach!

I'm taking off on Friday for a Weekend Coaching Conference in Virginia...on the beach in Virginia to be exact (yeah, I know, I suffer alot for my craft). The photo is the beachhouse (er...beach mansion?) where I'll be staying and where we'll be meeting.

It will be a small conference as such things go, as it is a by-invitation-only event...25 coaches from all around the country (and maybe Canada too?) who are doing innovative and impactful work in churches and/or with Christian leaders. There will be some roundtable discussions and sharing of training and expertise. But the fundamental reason we're all getting together is simply to meet each other, learn what we're all doing, and look for ways to support each other in our work or collaborate together to increase our impact. I'm looking forward to meeting all the folks on the who's who list (which was sent to each of us ahead of the event), and just learning more about what's really going on out there in the world of coaching in the church & with Christian leaders in all walks of life.

Many thanks to Tony Stoltzfus; a coach who also runs a great website of coaching resources for churches and church leaders (it's called Coach22). This event is his brainchild--I'm grateful he was inspired to do it!

I'll be back early next week, and will let you know how it went.

Speaking of how things went, the Men's Breakfast Talk I gave this past weekend (on the Hero's Journey) went great! Lots of good feedback and it was clear the message I brought had impact for many of the men there. My pastor called me yesterday in fact to tell me some of the men who attended had contacted him to recommend that I bring the same message to the whole church! I don't think that will happen (not even sure it's the best idea, since the message really was geared specifically toward men), but it was a terrific affirmation all the same. Woo hoo!

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crstodd said...

Glad the men's breakfast went well Michael, I was praying for you! I also found out about the Virginia thing (man, that's rough!) through Shannon, we had a great talk although I think we could have gone on for a while! So great to get to know some people with the passion that I am developing. Looking forward to hearing how this weekend went, Blessings!