Saturday, September 08, 2007

To Rule and Reign in Life

I recently participated in an exploration of Genesis 1, the part where it describes how God created humanity in his image, and how the primary evidence of that gift would be our capacity to rule and reign over life. In the study, we were asked to express in a creative way our impressions of the passage. I chose to try my hand at poetry. Here's what I wrote:

Their eyes, like fiery seraphim, lift

dispersing the mists of a thousand burdens

the world was never meant to bear.

Their arms, graced with scepter in hand, raise high

unforced, assured


finally knowing

This rule is their inheritance

This vast unwieldy world their meekness owns

How small a thing it is after all

to choose freedom, to demand it

For all things broken and unjustly veiled

must swoon to their command.

Not a word, but a battle, yes, a war, is at hand.

But theirs is the right

Theirs is the rule

To reign is here, right here, for the choosing.

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lyricalico said...

what a writer