Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Earthquake Shakes Jakarta; Sis & Hubby Okay

Many of you may not know this, but my sister and her husband live in Jakarta, Indonesia. Needless to say, I was VERY relieved to get an email from them today letting the family know that they weathered today's 8.2 earthquake (or 8.4, depending on the news source) off the coast of Sumatra. Here's a snippet of my sister's description of what it was like:

We were working late, and I first knew something was up when waves of nausea hit me. This was of course followed by windows rattling, doors swinging, pipes loudly creaking (rather spooky actually), building swaying, ceiling tiles falling - you get the idea. As David said in his email - we decided that the rest of our work could be done at home and we left - quickly. Also, apparently there were nine aftershocks last night (one a 6.6 strength) and another earthquake this morning - 7.7 on the Rictor scale (compared to the 8.2 quake last night). We will not likely know the full scale of damage to Sumatra (the island closest to the quake) for a few days.

My B.I.L. (Brother in Law) David took a lighter approach (he's a very funny guy!) to the whole thing, sending us a list of the Top Ten Ways You Know You're in an Earthquake:

#10 - the hot Starbucks coffee you were drinking is now running down your shirt
# 9 - the window washers outside your window are outside the cage hanging by their safety harness
# 8 - your co-workers are crouching underneath their desks
# 7 - you don't have to clean off your desk before going home ... all of yours papers are already on the floor
# 6 - the ceiling tiles are no longer in an orderly row
# 5 - your co-workers are still crouching underneath their desk
# 4 - the water in the toilets is sloshing around the bowl
# 3 - the glass walls in the office are making "strange" noises
# 2 - you feel dizzy ... and its not from eating another bad bowl of fish-eye soup...

and the #1 way you know you are having an earthquake

# 1 - you wife calls you on the phone and says ... "David ... I think we are having an EEEEAAAARRRRTTTHHHQQQUUUAAAKKKEEE".

Steph & Dave--glad you are okay. Love...

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Anonymous said...

Finally - David's been published! Honored to be included in your Blog. I always look forward to reading it to see what's goin' on with you.

Looks like the earthquakes have settled down in the region - at least for the time being. However, there is an article on "Stalking the big one" where an international team of experts says Indonesia faces another "giant" quake in the near future. Guess there is more excitement to come.

Stephanie (aka Sis)