Friday, September 07, 2007

Back from the Wilderness

I'm back from 10 days in the northlands. Some buddies of mine and I venture out into the wilds somewhere in the world every Labor Day weekend. This time we opted for the Canadian Rockies, Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park in B.C., to be exact. We camped on the shores of the lake in the photo above. Our campsites were on the far side, just a little to the left of the peninsula you see above. Stunning, huh? And the picture doesn't even really capture it.

We hiked in about 5 miles to this locale, then took day hikes to a glacier and a gorgeous highland area called Saphire Lakes (aptly named). There were eight of us in all. Here we are:

That's (left to right) me, David, Hunter, Matt, Josh, Mark and Sam. Not pictured is Kevin, who took the shot (we tried to get a bear to do it, but...). So just to be fair, here's a picture of Kevin:

Don't worry. He always looks like that.

Good times...


crstodd said...

Hi Michael, loved your pics of BC. I'm from Canada and love the west, when I came back to Toronto I missed the mountains. Every cloud looked like one...did you think that too? Fed a deer pretzels...he loved it! Saw snow on top of a mountain in June. Froze my tooties off but it was "way cool".
Glad to know you loved my country...and by the way, I laughed out loud with the pic of your friend Kevin! He must love you!! Blessings, Cheryl

crstodd said...

Michael, I was looking through my files for something and came across this short writing I'd done years ago about another part of Canada. Enjoy the walk!

Amazingly enough, you find a parking spot easily in the lot beside the beach. Someone was leaving just as you came in.
The sun is shining, and all around you are the sounds of families laughing and playing, birds speaking their own special language, and the gentle swish of the waves against the shore.... you start to walk towards the boardwalk. The sand, intermingled with sporadic grass, squishes satisfyingly through your sandals.
There is a man with a kite, quite elaborate, playing with the wind currents, and amusing a small child nearby.
Couples walk by hand in hand, some with dogs, some with wide-eyed children in strollers, and with just a few steps the cares of the day are starting to roll off your shoulders.
You cross the bike-path carefully, and step onto the boardwalk, your slow stroll taking in all the sights and sounds...the sunset, highlighting the skyline, lighting up the clouds in shades of peach, purple, and blue.
A cocker spaniel walks daintily past you, barely giving a sniff, while the chocolate German Sheppard races after a Frisbee and joyously catches it mid-air.... the wind is blowing gently in your face. You smile as you walk towards the ice-cream stand.