Sunday, August 05, 2007

On the Other Hand...

After informing you a few days ago about the nice yet gut-punchy rejection letter from my former literary agent (who has declined to represent Gideon's Dawn or Waymaker to the publishing world), I thought it only fair to share just a sampling of the most recent supportive emails I receive from readers of Gideon's Dawn every week. Keep those cards & letters coming! That's what keeps me going!

Michael, I am sorry to read of your struggle to have your novels put back in print. I will pray that God opens the right doors to allow your literary masterpiece to be shared with others like myself that find the essence of God's warrior spirit intertwined within your story. I bought a copy of Gideon's Dawn on the discount rack of a local Christian bookstore recently and became totally captivated by the storyline from the opening pages. I have just finished it and find myself "starving" to continue on with the sojourn of Gideon and the other Wordhaveners. I am a fan of both Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti, of whom I will now consider your writings to be on par with. The "Circle" trilogy by Dekker is at the top of my favorites... undoubtedly, I will someday say the same of The Pearlsong Refounding.

Dear Mr. Warden, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your book Gideon's Dawn. I was quite taken with the story and all the characters. I felt as if I was on that remarkable journey along with them. In the final chapter, I found myself looking forward to seeing Gideon meeting up again with his friends and potential lover. I could imagine many new adventures for them as Gideon learned more of his role as the Waymaker. And just who is the mysterious Telus, the Raanthan? I am left with many questions.

Dear Michael, I just read Gideon’s Dawn. Whoa! Where can I find the book Waymaker or how long will it be before it comes out?

Many thanks to all of you for your continued support and encouragment. It really does make all the difference.

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Anonymous said...

Michael - I am amazed that literary agents aren't knocking down the door to get to you. I've been waiting for several years to continue with Gideon's story, and I'll continue to exercise patience. Gideon's Dawn is tucked safely away, waiting for the day that I'll read it again in preparation for the Waymaker. I'm certain that it will be well worth the wait (for us and for you). Keep up the great work!