Saturday, July 14, 2007

Next Level Prayer

I've been listening (and re-listening over and over again) to this great series on prayer taught by John Eldredge. One of the things he says repeatedly throughout the series is that our biggest problem when it comes to developing a powerful and efffective prayer life is that, deep down, we just want life to be easy.

Don't we all wish that the rich, full life we all want would just come to us naturally, without resistance, without struggle, without having to fight for it?

But that's not the way life is.

Much of my life has felt like standing on the edge of a cliff--that precipiece we all come to at times in our lives when we are called forth to take a leap of faith in the face of serious fear. Prayer at times like that isn't sweet, or gentle, or (most especially) easy. When you're standing on the cliff, prayer is war. And the road that leads to life is a big scary jump into the unknown.

What cliff edges are you standing on these days?

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