Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Gravity of Coaching

Coaching is a dangerous blessing. Everyday I feel deeply grateful for the privilege of walking through life with my clients, walking with them as they face down often stunning challenges, celebrating with them as they claim new territory in their lives or in their own soul, and standing with them as they courageously explore the shadowy regions of their lives, determined to break free from whatever, from anything, that still holds them back from LIFE.

But everyday I also feel something else. I'm not sure if its right to call it "danger"; perhaps the better word is "gravity." It is a sobering gift to serve as a coach for another human soul. It is a human soul, after all, that is at stake. A human life, with a lifetime of experience and wisdom and richness and sorrows beyond the telling. To be invited into that, to be trusted with that treasure, is a weighty gift indeed. Sometimes I feel the heaviness of it, not as a burden in a negative sense, but rather the burden of being entrusted with something priceless.

As a coach, I'm after something bigger than merely happiness, success and life balance for my clients. I'm after the absolute reclamation and release of their full potential as God's highest and most valued works of art.

"God is about reclaiming the divine potential he has planted within each individual. In its essense, the word character means a unique shape or mark ... Each person has been uniquely marked or shaped by God. Our theology of character transfomation needs to extend beyond the reestablishiment of virtues to the reclamation of the potential of every person."

Erwin McManus in An Unstoppable Force

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lyricalico said...

It's good to know you are in touch with the power unleashed in your encounters with people. Power is a dangerous thing in the hands of fools, the diabolical, or simply the untrained. The work of the heart is no walk in the park. The work of the heart kicks your ass and leaves you in shreds. The work of the heart knows no comfort zone, embraces no conformities, and once the heart has a voice it is relentless in it's song. Trustworthy mentors wield the same kind of power that made those disciples drink the kool aid with Jim Jones. Please always stay in touch with the gravity of your work, because power in the right hands yields miracles.