Thursday, June 14, 2007

Agent Hunting

This weekend (June 16-17) I'll be attending the Agents & Editors Conference here in Austin. I request your prayers, for at this conference I'll be presenting Gideon's Dawn & Waymaker to a literary agent from Curtis Brown, Ltd--a big New York Literary Agency. I'll have 10 minutes to convince her that this is the book series she absolutely must represent to the publishing world. No pressure, right?

Other avenues are opening, too. I recently made connections with edtiors at Revell Books and at Waterbrook Publishing, both of whom may be interested in seeing the book. And I'm awaiting a response from another literary agent in Arizona who has represented me in the past.

Please pray that the books find a home with the agent & publisher that God desires.


1 comment:

David said...

Thank-you for the update. I highly anticipate the release of The Waymaker. Very highly. In fact if sending a ton of mail to the publishers would help I'd do it.