Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Announcing: The BraveHeart Fellowship

Imagine a group of men who come together under the banner of a common hunger for their Bigger Purpose. They want more from their lives. They want more from themselves. They are weary of the ordinary, the settled, the small--and are ready to embark beyond their comfort zone and into the uncharted territories of their hearts. They are ready to face down their own personal Balrog. They are ready to put their really put their God. They may not know where this road of challenge will take them. But one thing they do know: Living small isn't enough for them anymore. They MUST be what they CAN be...not only for their own sakes, but also for their families, and for the world itself.

And so they agree to walk together through a 9- month journey of extraordinary transformation. They become a BraveHeart Fellowship--a circle of nine men who are hungry for authentic transformation, for real abundant life. The Fellowship is no run-of-the- mill accountability group. It's way beyond that. It's like the "Fight Club" of the Heart. It's like a "Band of Brothers" for the Soul. These men may or may not know each other before the journey begins. But that doesn't matter--because by they end they will know every nook and cranny of their fellow warriors' souls.

And more importantly, each and every one of them will be irreversibly changed forever by the journey. Sure, their lives will be better--much better, in fact. But it's not only about that. They will be changed for the good of the world. And for the glory of God.

Now, imagine yourself in a fellowship like that. If you had a cohort of fierce-hearted men standing at your side for the next nine months, watching your back and cheering you on, what would be possible for you? What potential, what calling, what greater purpose might (finally!) be unleashed?

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