Sunday, September 17, 2006

Manly Men 2006

On Labor Day weekend, most every year, I join up with a group of men and head for the wilds. We do it because, as any man will tell you, we simply must. It's in the blood of every man to get away, to explore, to test himself against the wilderness. As Thoreau so aptly wrote, we wentto the woods to live deliberately...or, in many cases, to get really honest about whether or not we really are.

This year we headed to the panhandle of Idaho, some 80 miles from the Canadian border. There were nine of us this time (one is taking the photo, and the other...well, he's a little too far to the right I guess). I'm third from the right. We're on top of Cougar Peak, about 6100 feet up, overlooking Pend Orielle Lake (pronounced "pond-aray"...yeah, it's French).

We camped at Porcupine Lake, if you care to Google Earth where we were. During our time, we laughed a lot, played cards, attempted to fish quite unsuccessfully, and befriended a mountain goat (but not in a weird way). Mostly, we just got to be men, and remembered together how great a thing that really is.

Thanks to Matt, Mark, Sam, Hunter, Kevin, Raymond, Jon...and yeah, even Josh. (Poor Josh--he's the youngest among us, and so gets the worst of the ribbing. That's him standing in the photo, talking on his cell phone with his wife back home. The peak was the only place where we could get reception. He's actually an amazingly cool guy.)

You guys are the best. Until next year... Posted by Picasa

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