Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Where Have I Been?!

OK. I know. The blog entries have been a little scarce lately. But I've got a great excuse. I been busy running a marathon!

OK. Well, a half marathon. But hey, that's still a long way! Thirteen miles, plus another tenth of a mile just to rub it in. You'll find me celebrating in the photo above, with a medal, a ridiculously huge hot dog, and my running partner, Gary.

We're in Port Angeles, Washington. That's where the race was held, and it was I think one of the most beautiful locations in the country for a run like this. The entire way I had a clear view of the Olympic Mountains to my left, and the Pacific Ocean to my right. And all along the path, the beautiful mystical trees of the Pacific Northwest. And even better--it didn't rain the entire time!

So I've got running out of my system for a while...and I can turn my attention back to blogging instead. I'm looking forward to filling you in on what I've been learning lately.

Stay tuned. All my best,
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