Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Just Another Guy Out Changing the World

Who is this nut? I'm proud to say I know him. This is Tom Rand. And right now, Tom is biking his way across the country (3,000 miles plus) to raise awareness and money for starving kids in Africa.

Tom is a former coaching client of mine, and I have to say I couldn't be prouder! He has really taken his passion for athletics and serving others and found a way to combine them that not only brings a LOT of fulfillment to his own life, but also brings hope to others.

Tom has partnered with Food for the Hungry to do this great work. He's on his cross-country journey right now, even as I write this. I'd encourage you to get to know Tom, and track his journey by visiting his trip blog at If you feel so inspired, you can even lend your financial support to his cause.

Way to go, Tom! Keep riding strong. Posted by Picasa

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