Monday, March 06, 2006

Watch out for the Storm Corps!

The guy in the photo is my friend Mike Pritchard. I just wanted to tell you what he's up to these days, because I have to tell you, this guy really really inspires me. Over the years he's worked for Habitat for Humanity, United Way, and other non-profit organizations, but regardless of the title or position his guiding mantra has always been "Serve With Joy." You cannot be around this guy and NOT be personally encouraged, and totally inspired to give yourself away.

So somehow he's gotten himself tangled up with MTV. You may have heard about MTV's StormCorps--which is part of the network's efforts to spotlight how young people are volunteering in New Orleans and along the coast to help the victims of Katrina and Rita. Well, MTV is chronicling what a group of these young people are doing in Biloxi over Spring Break, and MIKE has been tapped as one of the team leaders for the trip! Here's Mike's own description of what's up:

I am heading down to Biloxi on this trip with MTV and United Way of America. So, yes, MTV and their VJ’s and cameras, etc. will be down there. This week is called “Storm Corps: Alternative Spring Break” – the 100 college students applied through MTV’s website (there were about 2,000 applicants overall). If you watch MTV (I confess I haven’t watched MTV in about a decade), you may be able to see our work on MTV News March 11 – 18. I have heard that MTV will put together a full length show based on our week that will air March 25. If anyone has cable and can tape this for me, I’d appreciate it! You can learn more about all of this online at MTV’s website--

Click here...

Mike will be the resident blogger for the journey. To keep up with his experiences while down on the coast next week, click here:

My hat's off to you once again, Mike. May we all take a cue from you step out to serve the world. Posted by Picasa

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