Monday, November 07, 2005


I just saw a commercial this morning for a personal financial investment company. Here is the tagline they spouted at the end of the ad:

"Retirement isn't the end. It's the start of what you were meant for all along."

What--are you kidding me? Please don't tell me anyone actually believes this! And yet, they really said this--it's a direct quote. So I'm wondering why no one in this firm's marketing department apparently noticed what a sad and pathetic perspective on life this is. "So you're telling me that the first 65 years of my life is some kind of hollow, joyless hardship tour whose only purpose is to fund the 10 years at the end when I get to actually live the life I was made for?"

That's a load of crap, I say. When you really get clear about your greater life purpose, and go after that vision with boldness and authenticity, the whole idea of retirement becomes irrelevant.

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bop.blop.bloop said...

'Retirement was never God's plan! All of us are called to the common lifelong ministry of reconciliation – to reconcile lost man to the living God.' ~Pastor Benny Ho