Monday, August 22, 2005

Coaching Is Turning Mainstream!

The September 2005 issue of Outside Magazine ( features this lead article:

"Dream Jobs: How to Make Work, Life & Play Your Greatest Adventure"

The article features several mini-profiles of individuals who have escaped the traditional career path for something more off beat and personally fulfilling. It also includes a short interview with Life Coach Clive Prout, who explains how coaching provides a powerful compass for people trying to create a new direction for their lives--one based on the people, things and activities that matter most to them.

Here's what Clive had to say about how people miss their true path in life:

OUTSIDE: Why are so many people successful in careers they don't event enjoy?
CLIVE: We spend so much time climbing the ladder that it's easy to get to the top and find that the ladder's been leaning against the wrong wall.
OUTSIDE: What's a clue that it's time to climb off?
CLIVE: It's the amount of time you think about being somewhere else--whether it's a specific somewhere else, like "God, I wish I was fishing on the river," or if it's "just anywhere but here." People call me because they know deep down they should leave. And their really asking me to hold their feet to the fire.

Preach on, Clive. And more than just holding feet to the fire, perhaps coaching's biggest gift is in showing clients which direction they ought to jump to find the joy and fulfillment they're really looking for.

And there's more...

The September 2005 issue of Money Magazine ( features this article:

"Declare Financial Independence! How to Live Without A Paycheck: Real Stories of the People Who Broke Free..."

Broke Free? Broke Free? As if there's something in the traditional way of making a living that we need to "break free" from...

Well, is there? For many people, I believe the answer is a big YES. They are realizing they don't feel free--their lives don't feel free, or rich, or fulfilling. And they want that.

How free are you these days, anyway?

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Jana said...

Just wanted to say that i enjoy your blog. i don't too often post on people's blogs that i don't know. I'll be bookmarking your page i think...i like your honesty with your thoughts.