Tuesday, August 16, 2005

6 Steps to Personal Bliss, and Other Lies

I absolutely love this quote by Donald Miller, from his book Searching for God Knows What:

"And it really got me thinking that, perhaps, formula books, by that I mean books that take you through a series of steps, may not be all that compatible with the Bible. I looked on my shelf at all the self-help books I happened to own, the ones about losing weight, the ones about making girls like you, the ones about getting rich, the ones about starting your own pirate radio station, and I realized none of them actually helped me all that much. I mean all the promises of fulfillment really didn’t work. My life was fairly normal before I read them, meaning I had good days and bad days, and then my life was fairly normal after I read them too, meaning I still had good days and bad days. It made me wonder, honestly, if such a complex existence as the one you and I are living within can really be broken down into a few steps. I mean it seems like if there were a formula to fix life, Jesus would have told us what it was."

We crave formulas for a successful life for two reasons: We are desperately afraid on not feeling in control, and we are desperately afraid of engaging with mystery.

Don't crave formulas. Crave being fully alive.

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Anonymous said...

I was hearing the same message when on my exercize bike a tv commercial came on advertising a product that could help me loose weight. This is the first time while viewing a commercial of this nature that I had a vision of me being like Eve being delivered a speech from a serpant. I had just asked God how to get control on my figure when this temptor popped out of nowhere to tempting me that he knew better than God and if I just bought in, he would give me what I desired. It seemed to me this product was put in front of me as a new idol to be worshipped. Tis true, we are always being tempted with simple formulas. Perhaps we now know why it was so easy for Eve to fall.